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Ever Since Human think about computing things using the machine, the thought is gradually increasing since then. The idea of having the same performed by machines is also about 7 decades old.

The branch of Computer Science which works teaching these kinds of stuff to the machines is known as Artificial Intelligence.

So this question should have come in your mind that what’s an AI?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

John McCarthy is known as the father of Artificial Intelligence, defined artificial Intelligence as

“The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.

In general,  the purpose of Artificial Intelligence may be defined as the ability of system or program to do all sorts of works as we humans do in our daily to daily life. Such as

  • Recognizing the face of others (Face Recognition),
  • Understanding the Actual meaning of Conversation (Speech Recognition)
  • Understand the particular Situation and act upon it (Problem Solving)
  • Learning from a particular source of data.

For achieving this a machine needs to think like as human are far superior to human. But the challenge in achieving artificial Intelligence was a  bit slower till 2005. after that using faster processing systems and making use of various Neural Networks Algorithms above discussed some task are achieved with pretty much well accuracy.

So after getting a bit of idea about Artificial Intelligence, Now the question is what are different types of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Types of AI?

Based on various scholar’s thinking AI may be of any number of types but broadly they are classified into two types.

  • Type 1
  • Type 2

Type 1

Weak or Narrow AI

It mainly focuses on one specific sort of problem. It might be useful in saving the time of human which involves less intelligence.

Home Automation is a good example of weak AI. in case of home automation it mainly focuses on specific problems related to the house.

Strong AI

Strong AI may be defined as a system which performs the same task as that of human. While there is no example for Strong AI is available right now. But that is certain that advancements in each and every Weak AI lead to the foundation of the Strong AI.

Note: If You want to know about the artificial General Intelligence you can read it by clicking here.

Type 2 (Based on Functionalities)

Reactive AI

In this type of AI machines usually do whatever they see in the environment, and based upon the actions they see they make decisions. They don’t have memory, such that they do not make decisions based upon past Experiences.

Examples of Reactive AI

In 1990 IBM’s Deep Blue defeated world chess champion, Garry Kasparov in the Chess Game.

Limited Memory AI

When AI systems can make use of previous Actions/ Observations to perform the task but these observations do not reside on the memory permanently.  For Example, Automation cars make use of Limited Memory AI to find the task like which lane should be chosen, or at which moment break should be applied.

Theory Of Mind

In this type of AI System should be able to detect the emotions, expectations, thoughts, and beliefs of the other people able to interact accordingly. Although Significant Advancements had done in recent years, this type of AI is yet to come.

Self Awareness

In case of Self Awareness AI, systems will be self-aware, super intelligent and will be able to do all sort of work as Human do. It means that a full replica of The Human. This type of AI will be achieved after more advancements in Strong AI.

Uses Of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

Recommendation System

We usually suffer many contents on the internet and based upon what we saw there exist the Recommendation system which gave you similar contents what you have interacted with. For Example, you watch some content on Netflix, or Youtube then you will get the content which will maximize your engagement with the platform.

Feed Shown on the Social Media

Social Media Websites makes use of your previous activity to show which feed is best for you, also based upon your interest they show the advertisement, Which is the one of the major sources of their earning.

Navigation System

If you are going to the place which you do not have any knowledge of, then would you reach your destination?. Before the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, you may ask the people living in that area and using that instruction you may reach the destination. But Nowadays Problems get solved by AI-powered Navigation System which will not only tell you the way to reach the destination but also show the traffic in that area.


Many larger companies make use of the chatbots because it lowers the cost of employees and also leads increases significantly. The best part of these Chatbots is that they can work 24 * 7 so in which time the customer came on to the website they can provide the best service to them.


Artificial Intelligence can be useful for the management of various medicines. Telehealth increases the chances to cure the patients even the patient is not available at those places. There are various cases like in which the doctor was Demonstrating in the U.S.A. and Robot was performing the operation in Mumbai.

Credit Card Fraud Detection

Sometimes people don’t know why their Credit card Application get rejected by the Bank. It mainly due to the fact that they use the trained model of previous customers, and based on these Algorithms Predicts that whether a Person should get the Loan or Not.

Spam Filter

Most of the Email providing companies make use of the Spam Filter Algorithms to find whether the given should fall under the spam mail categories or not. The algorithm makes use of various factor like link, address from which the Email got, etc. to do this. Also, Feedback to the algorithms makes Accuracy increase.


So how will be Artificial Intelligence in the Future?. Till Date, there are certain advancements in the AI that can solve various problems that are difficult indeed. But what we saw Artificial Intelligence in science fiction movies yet need to be discovered. But as the Research in the field of AI is increasing day by day there may be possible that whatever we had watched in movies may have become reality in the next 10-15 years.

There is a large number of people who thinks that AI may take their jobs. That may be true or maybe not because when AI-powered Robots starts using in the industry then there are the possibilities that alternatives jobs to conventional Jobs may arise. but everybody is using their own imaginations to that.

How AI will affect the world will also be purely based upon its use if it is used for the good purpose then it will serve humanity like detecting the disease based upon the current values such as diabetes prediction using the various health factors or detecting cancer on X-rays. The second part of the coin may also have possibility technology may go in the wrong hand which may lead to the destruction.

We are hopeful that Artificial Intelligence and its relevant fields lead to solving problems like Poverty, Hunger, illiteracy, etc which is still a major challenge for most of the country right now.

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