What is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)? | 4 Tests For Ensuring Artificial General Intelligence


In Today’s World, every online business is either start using AI or they already Implement it. A new Term which becomes quite common among the data scientists, researchers, and Students is known as Artificial General Intelligence. Indeed the topic is not new, as we have already seen some of the implementations of Artificial Intelligence, that is why researchers start thinking about the Robots and various tools to measure their Intelligence.

What Is Artificial General Intelligence?

Artificial General Intelligence abbreviated as AGI may be defined as the ”ability of a machine to do intellectual work as a man can perform at a certain time”.

Many Researcher’s thought did not get matches, after how many years we can have this type of Robots or Machines. On the Other Hand some Researchers believe that it might be possible that such intellectuality won’t happen. Till date, no definition is Accepted everywhere for the confirmation AGI.

Some Test to confirming Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence

If Someone Ask you what is the parameter of intelligence at a Particular Situation, what would be your Answer?

Your Answer might be performing best in the given situation can be a parameter.

In Case of Machines also, we define Intelligence based upon their behavior in some condition. Here we are discussing some tests for measuring the Intelligence in machines.

Turing Test For Artificial General Intelligence

This test was introduced in 1950 by Alan Turing. Although this test does not shows how a machine is intelligent or not, but it simply says that for a machine to be intelligent it should get pass in the test.

Assume there are Two Humans and a machine are available for the test. One human will ask the questions. Machine need to give reasonable answers and fooling the human who is asking questions that this is Human. Up to Now Machine pass the test which involves Simple Answers as Yes/No. But for highly Intellectual questions, these Machines are not yet ready enough to pass.

The Coffee Test

This Test is Slightly difficult for machines. According to this test, an AI  in whichever form it is, have to go into the House, find out where the kitchen is, have to get all the ingredients for coffee and using those ingredients Machine Should be able to make Coffee.

The Robot College Student Test

This test can be easily guessable by the name. Suppose there is a Robot named as TALKYBLOG and it takes admission to the Howard University. Then like any other Student TALKYBLOG1 need to all the work starting from filling the form for the University till passing the Degree. If Robot passes the Degree then Robot Possess AGI. this test was proposed by Ben Goertzel.

The Employment Test

This test was given by Nils J. Nilsson. According to this test, Robot working as the Human Employee and the work done by the Robot should be matched with the human employee working for the same job in the organisation. If a Robot could be able to complete his task, then we can assume that General Artificial Intelligence has Reached.

The Flat pack Furniture Test

In this Test machine first, need to first unpack the flat pack furniture. Furthermore, it must follow the instructions given and pack the furniture . There should not be any mistake while assembling the furniture. This test was Proposed by Tony Severyns.

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Currently, many larger Organisations are working on AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)  Research and its maintenance. In the Near future, the above-given tests get passed by the machines and Newer Test will be Proposed. But the basic idea of Proposing these Tests is to verify that the intellect of Machines becomes equal to Human.

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