What is Used Car Loan? What You Need to Know to Apply for a Used Car Loan?


A used car loan allows you to borrow the money you need to buy a used car. In this loan, you show the car you are going to buy as collateral. In fact, it is good news for you to use the car you bought as collateral, because you will have a secure loan and benefit from low interest rates. Of course, in addition to this, if you delay your loan payments and cannot complete them, there is also the possibility of losing your car, which you have shown as collateral. Although lenders usually offer auto loans with maturities between 2 years (24 months) and 7 years (84 months) and fixed interest rates, you can also bargain and borrow on different terms and conditions.

Interest rates on loan options for cars are on average today, at the rates we will list below.


New car

36-month maturity: 3.87%

48-month maturity: 3.92%

60-month maturity: 3.94%

72-month maturity: 4.05%


Used car

36-month maturity: 4.34%

48-month maturity: 4.54%

60-month maturity: 6.17%

Should I Apply for a Car Loan?

When looking for a loan for car financing, you should first examine the terms and interest rates of multiple lenders. Each lender may offer different interest rates and terms for you. You can do a car loans near me review and find the best lender for you.

The most important criterion for used car financing will be your credit score. Your credit score has the biggest impact on the interest rates offered for you. To get a loan with a lower APR, you must have a high credit score. You must have a high credit score to increase your chances of choosing the repayment terms offered to you. Those with higher credit scores can also take out a higher amount of car loans. If you want to reduce the monthly payment amount even more, you can choose a longer repayment term. On the one hand, this will increase the interest rate and increase the total payment amount. You should consider high interest for longer repayment terms.

If you want to know at what interest rate you can get a car loan, you can apply for a soft loan with one of the lenders who offer you pre-approval. You can also get a car loan with a low credit score. However, this will increase the interest rates of the loan to be given to you. That’s why we recommend that you try to improve your credit score by doing some preparation a few months before you get a car loan. If you have debts, you should pay the portion of them you can pay. You should also not apply for a new credit card in the last few months.

If you can make a high prepayment for the vehicle you want to buy, this will reduce your loan interest. What you can do to lower interest rates even more is to find co-signers. If you find a co-signer with a good credit score, that person will be responsible for your credit. Thus, you will be more reliable and the interest rate you will be exposed to will decrease.


Vehicle Loan Obtaining Process

A used car loan has a similar application process to other loans. As always, you need to compare the interest rates and terms of 4-5 different lenders for this loan. Thus, you can clarify criteria such as repayment terms, suitability for your budget and interest rates. Lenders can show you potential interest rates, often through the prequalification step. As a lender, you can choose between a dealer or a bank. There should always be both options among the lenders you review. Because banks may offer lower interest rates on new car loans, it’s often the opposite for used cars.

After deciding on a lender, you need to apply for a loan with your driver’s license, proof of income and proof of residence. In this application, you must also provide the information of the car you want to buy. After everything is completed, you can get your vehicle loan and make the payments on the due dates.

You can see the approximate interest rates you can have by getting prequalified for a car loan. You can obtain the pre-qualification through an online application. Lenders can prequalify you for a car loan without the need to thoroughly review your credit report and other documents.


Auto Loan with the Best Interest Rate

Factors that affect your low interest rate on a car loan are your employment history, the city you live in, your credit score and your prepayment rate. That’s why you should check out car loan lenders near you and contact at least 4 of them. Used car interest rates are higher than for new cars. Because used cars carry more risk and have lower value due to model years. That’s why used car interest rates can go up to 22%.


Is a Long-Term Car Loan a Good Idea?

The car you will buy will tend to lose value day by day. While you will continue to make fixed payments over the long term, your car will lose value during that term. Since the interest rates of long-term loans will be high, you may be able to pay a debt much higher than the value of your car. But it’s certainly not a bad idea to extend the debt over the long term by reducing the monthly payment amount.

A long-term car loan brings the advantage of being able to refinance the loan. You can refinance your loan if periodic interest rates come to a low enough level during the loan term. Refinancing is basically closing a loan and getting a new loan. If your new loan is approved, you will close your old loan with the money you will receive from there and start paying the debts of the new loan with the new conditions. To refinance, you need to apply to the lender with your car information, your Social Security number, documents from your old car loan, and proof of income.

If you want to sell your car while your loan payments continue, it is possible to do so. If the value of your car is higher than your remaining loan debt, you can sell the car and get the difference in cash. But if your car is worth less than your remaining loan debt, that goes into negative equity. In this case, you can refinance the loan or sell your car by paying the difference out of pocket.

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